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Originally Posted by adamqd
GL says that Anakin would have become the most powerful force user ever, if he had not been so badly maimed by Obi-Wan, but even if he was more powerful than Palpatine, he had nowhere near the guile, nor the intelligence. He could not rule the Galaxy imho
Indeed. Palpatine didn't become Emperor by strolling into the Senate chamber tossing around bolts of lightning and force choking people left and right. Brute force only works so far if you want to usurp power in something as vast as the Galactic Republic. Guile, manipulation, scheming, political maneuvering and plotting were just as important as raw strength in the force for that. Palpatine was a skilled puppet master, knowing how to pull people's strings to make them do as he wished.

Anakin was a typical enforcer/right-hand-man/Malak type of person who could get the dirty work done, but was never portrayed as much of a mastermind or a charismatic person with political influence other than what he got through Palpatine.

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