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You look at the area around you and note that it's pretty much the same as when you came - the alley has exits to the SOUTH, WEST, and EAST. There is a dumpster behind you to the WEST. There's some trash around the dumpster and in a few other places around the street. The ooze pile that got you into this horrible mess is still by the dumpster. Other than that, it looks like a normal industrial complex - dull and boring. Your INVENTORY has an ELECTRIC GUITAR and a CROWBAR in it.

You roll towards the man, trying to put your pinky with the goo in his mouth. He stands still for a moment, still in shock at seeing such a massive glob of flesh in front of him, and then backs up into the safety of the doorway. Since you can't get at him, you wave happily and say, "Hello!" - your voice comes out several octaves deeper than usual. The MAN, obviously terrified at seeing a 1950's movie come to life, stares in fascinated horror at your truly epic proportions. "What the hell..." says the Man. "He-hello? What ARE you?!"

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