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Originally Posted by El Sitherino
Actually, if anything, we adapted to eating plants.

Before we could farm, we hunted. And I'm fairly sure it doesn't take 5 dudes with spears to "kill" a tomato.

Unless it were the attacking killer kind.
Uh... no.

You bring up the canines: I'll bring up the mollers. Used for grinding down plants. We were hunters AND gatherers. We gathered plants. Eating plants alone sustains you more than eating meat alone... that's a fact of ALL omnivorous creatures. Where meat has about 3 important nutrients: Protein, Vitamin B12, and Iron... Plants/Fruits, etc... have countless important nutrients. Being carnivourous would never sustain us completely... we HAVE to have some sort of plant nutrients... which is still true today.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
To be honest, we can make some educated guesses on this, but I don't know if we'll ever definitively know unless there's just some incredible archaeological find, and I suspect even if we found that, it'd still be very specific to that culture.
The only real decision we get to make is whether we eat as vegetarians or not.
Tis' True. Still... debating never hurt, eh?
*plus, conversion scheme was somewhat successful *
-cough- -ahem-
Being a one-man army defending bourderline herbivore/omnivore is tiring too.

Thread closed then?

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