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Originally Posted by adamqd
The Map shown seems to depict the unknown regions as a pocket of space west of the core, but to my knowledge it is anywhere that isn't properly charted, and the list of planets in this link seems to show that...

Korriban is not on the list, but, all maps and lists available are compiled as of the most resent in-universe history... I'm pretty sure the Galactic Map would be a lot less traveled in 4000 bby
While your definition is correct, I don't think it can be applied to the Old Sith space, for some reasons:

- We know for a fact that the Daragon trail was established prior to K2, and it leads to Korriban.
- We know for a fact that the Republic cleansed Ziost and other Sith worlds at the end of the great Hyperspace war (prior to K2). Empress Teta's forces also arrived at other planets. You also have to keep in mind that Kreia herself mentioned that the Republic arrived at Korriban after the Jedi civil war only to find it desolated.

So, the Old sith space doesn't sound "unknown" to me, not even at the time of K2. The republic has been there before, unlike the Unknown Regions.

Also, what about Malachor? Why was it suspiciously placed near the UR, both by K2 and by the New essential guide to planets (forgot to mention this in my earlier post), and not near Old Sith space?

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