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Originally Posted by Hipmonlee

1st map shows clearly the distance between both areas. Map 2 and 3 are from official sources (NEC and Clone Wars) to confirm its accuracy.
The obvious problem with those maps is that they are about 4000 years late. I would venture the guess that more of the galaxy would have been explored after 4000 years and that a lesser part of the galaxy would therefore be considered "the unknown regions". And vice versa - meaning that the "unknown regions" in the time of the KotOR games (about 3951 BBY) would be much larger. The first map even has the "Imperial Remnant" on it, which means it's at least year 5 ABY or so.

PS: Nice maps, though. Thanks for the links.

Originally Posted by Hipmonlee
Well, the claims aren't exactly determining. Like i said before, they are ambiguous to some point, and it can be argued that it wasn't the Ancient Sith empire they were referring to.
Then what was referred to, and why was the Sith Empire mentioned, thereby confusing the issue? I'd assume that Kreia actually did intend for the exile to find Revan rather than get confused and search the wrong part of the galaxy...

Originally Posted by Hipmonlee
Korriban is related to whatever Sith you may be talking about because that's were the Sith came from. So, whatever Sith group you make up, Korriban will be connected to them. Now, as for Malachor, that's a whole different story, and again, nothing we know about it tells us that it was related to the Ancient Sith empire. On the contrary, it was author's intention to be placed next to the Unknown Regions, ie: far from the Old Sith territory:

This is taken from K2. While it contains some discrepances, it's quite clear that the devs wanted to place Malachor in the UR. I don't see how they can be connected to the Old Sith whatsoever.
Kreia: "You must go where Revan did, into the Unknown Regions, where the Sith, the true Sith, wait in the dark for the great war that comes. And he came because Malachor, like Korriban, lies on the fringes of the ancient Sith Empire, where the true Sith wait for us, in the dark.

Besides, the less said of consistence between various maps and the accuracy of maps in the KotOR games the better. Just look for Hoth on your own, first map - - it's to the far left in the box named "XII" next to Bespin and Anoat (obviously). Then look where Hoth is on this map - - which is from one of the games (not sure which) at an early stage of development (since it was obviously cut and appears in neither game). It appears nowhere close to where it is on the first map. Not sure if that's inaccuracy or inconsistency, but it certainly raises doubt, and it took me less than a minute find that map...

Originally Posted by Hipmonlee
But again, it can be argued that they talked about "an" ancient Sith empire, not "the".
No. There is only one established Sith Empire at this point in history, not counting Revan's, which was never fully established. That's why Wookieepedia has only one entry for "Sith Empire":

Establishing another, older Sith Empire could be done through severe (and IMHO very unelegant) retconning, but even then, that in no way explains why the Sith Empire of Ragnos and Sadow was mentioned in relation to the true Sith.

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