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She grinned, nodding. "Those would be them." she said, glancing around. "The only problem is they seat two people each...meaning we're going to have to work quickly. No one's around, they must still be switching the shifts - c'mon!"

Ellie darted ahead, moving quickly, lithely, and subtly through the 'no-man's-land', darting between the rows of vehicles. "On the front of each there's a tow cable - use that to hook one up to the one that you're going to be driving." she told him quickly as he joined her. She didn't pause for him to ask questions - she was already going to work dragging one of the two cables from its reel in the front of the snow-tracker to the back of another, slipping the large hook on the end under the back end of one of the other trackers. She jumped over the one she had hooked it up to to connect a second.

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