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Ellie's jaw dropped as he took off, making her look both insulted and quite amused. "That little...cheat!" she said, shifting the gear into forward and jamming down on the throttle. She had very little experience driving something that had actual tracks on it, rather than a repulsor lift, and she had two snow-trackers attached to the back of hers as opposed to his one, but...somehow, in some ungodly trick of piloting, she was able to catch up on his tail.

"Didn't your mom ever teach you?" she called to him. The passageways were, thankfully, totally void of life other than the two of them, leaving her no distractions or obstructions as she quickly gunned the throttle almost full-out to get ahead of him, slowing back to her normal, safer pace once she had obtained her spot. "Cheaters never win!"

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