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Originally Posted by Jediphile
The fact that the Republic knew little or nothing of Malachor belonging to the Sith Empire would seem to suggest otherwise - had they known, it seems pretty clear to me that Revan might have suspected the danger and not gone there (or at least taken precautions).
Because Malachor is far from Old Sith space. At the risk of repeating myself:

This clearly shows that Malachor was intended to be in the Unknown Regions (I mean the ones depicted in the canon sources). Plus, The new chronology mentions that Malachor is "only a few parsecs from Lehon", which further proves that Malachor was not a part of the Old Sith empire.

But is there any evidence of the Republic in the KotOR era knowing of Sith Empire worlds such as Ch'hodos, Rhelg, Khar Delba (and Khar Shian), Thule, or Ziost?
Yes. Ziost was cleansed by the Republic after the Hyperspace war, as was Korriz. Yavin IV was later attacked in the Great Sith war, as was Ashas Ree (all from the NEC). Those are 2 capital worlds and other important planets, plus, the Old Sith empire wasn't exactly that extended. Imo, it can't be categorized into the "unknown regions".

That argument does not seem to me to fit well with the maps you based your argument earlier.

And would I be correct to assume you've abandoned the map argument after the maps conflicted on Hoth's position? Because it seemed to me that your argument that Old Sith space did not belong to the older "unknown regions" was based on that assumption...
What do you mean? Malachor borders the UR (per the NEC and the K2 map). Once the Exile beat Kreia, she told her to go further deep into the Unknown regions. I'm not sure what you mean by "Hoth's position" either.

I can tell whether I think it's elegant or not, which is what I did. Retconning is generally not what I would consider elegant. It can be necessary at times, but should only be a last resort, because you're basically rewriting history, which is always a no-no. And it doesn't even seem necessary here...
Fair enough, I see your point. What I meant was more of that, since they had a K3 storyline in mind (at least, afaik), they could be trusted in retconning this stuff without much problem.

Sure, the devs may have considered some ancient uber-sith, but they still mentioned the Sith Empire in the game in relation to the true Sith. They also considered having Nihilus' mask being made of Revan's skull at a time. Are we to accept that as fact because it was considered at one point during development, even though Kreia tells the exile to go and find Revan in the end, thereby suggesting he is still alive?
I'd argue it's different. The whole Nihilus' mask matter is something we know they completely dropped. However, when asked, the devs firmly stated that their intentions with the true Sith was to make a separate group (I'm sorry I can't provide a link to this one - This was from 2005 or so). They never mentioned it was an idea they wouldn't be using in the future...

but there is still no evidence I've ever seen that they were ever some uber-powerful Sith-species empire beyond fanboy speculation. After all, it is not actually stated in the game, is it? I mean, we still haven't found the evidence that proves despite looking for it, have we?
Yeah, I agree. I'm not arguing that there is another Uber Sith out there either. I'm just saying that whatever these true Sith are, they can't be the Old Sith (They can be related, though).

This is the true one...I am telling you the truth...Do you believe me?

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