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Ellie walked in only seconds later, and sure enough, her lips were spread with a wide grin. Seeing Jyot leave the bar and the bartender automatically turn his eyes to her, she figured he had already taken care of the drink. She caught his eye as he went to join the others of his crew and she tossed him a taunting wink as she strode up to order her drink.

Sipping on a fresh glass of Juma, she made her way over to where the rest of the crew of the ship that had just recently landed had gathered, swallowing the drink she had in her mouth before speaking.

"We've got five of them - two person to each tracker." she glanced at the large packs nearby that she guessed belonged to them. Just how far were they planning on going on this 'journey'? "I'm sure that, between five of them, we can fit whatever it is you need to bring."

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