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*Deac holsters his lightsaber*

Deac: Why? Why should I accept?

*Deac ponders this to himself for a moment*

Why is it? I always seem to do it. Is it because I saw half my world burn at the hands of the Empire, not once, but twice? Is it because I think I owe an alien god that saved me from becoming another laboratory experiment? Or is it because...*he remembers a blue haired young woman from a long time ago*...that I owe it to her. I "think all of the above" probably covers it.

Deac: Alright, you want to save the galaxy, and you want me to help. It won't be my first time. I'll help you, but you're going to need to tell me who you are, what's threatening the galaxy, and how we're going to save it.

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