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Ticket Counts

Originally Posted by SBF_Dann_Boeing
u mean this:
Is there not a way to set separate ticket counts? I want one side to have more reinforcements than the other. I tried:

/admin /addmap hot1g_con 150 250

When the server came up, both sides started with 15 reinforcements. I tried it again, with "50 100" and they both started with 150 reinforcements. I assumed that the 2nd number was somehow causing the error, so I tried this command:

/admin /addmap hot1g_con 128

This map still came up to have 150 reinforcements per side. My goal is that each reinforcement count will respond to my command independently, but right now neither one is working. It is, at least, loading the Hoth map, but that's the only thing it's doing right.

Can you help me out? All I want to edit is the ticket/reinforcement counts.

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