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Raelyn bounded in, an extremely wide grin on her face and Colin entered somewhat behind, frowning in the way of a man whose mind is presently occupied with other things. Both were dressed to suit the icy temperatures outside and Colin was carrying the bag.

"So," Raelyn announced decisively, coming to an abrupt halt in front of Alec. She reached back, seeming to instinctively know where her brother was standing, and pulled him forward. "This is my brother, Colin."

Finally, Colin's face broke into a smile... a polite smile, and looking a little fake, but a smile nonetheless. "I'm going to assume Raelyn has neglected to tell you that our help comes at a small price..."

Raelyn blushed, but said nothing. Colin glanced back at his sister, an unspoken warning passing between them.

"We are more than happy to help you, Captain..." Colin went on, pausing to give Alec a chance at providing his name.

"Tannis," Raelyn supplied promptly. "Alec Tannis." Then, she began cycling through all of their names. "Jyot Tyrell, Alindra D'Ayarra, Ray Brink, Arelyn K'zanthis, Kuun Lan, and Lach...lan?" She struggled with the idea of his name for a moment before settling on "Latch.. Vax. Oh, and transportation found by Elizabeth Kartyk... Ellie."

Colin was bright red by this point. "Rae," he mumbled. "People get suspicious when you know their names and they haven't introduced themselves..."

Raelyn frowned thoughtfully. "Whoops..." She grinned and tugged at her ears. "Good ears..." She tapped beside her eyes. "Good eyes." She wiggled her fingers. "Fast fingers."

"Right," Colin agreed, returning to a more natural color. "Anyway... price. I know you're not a passenger ship, but consider this help our payment. We're getting off this rock on your ship... or you're going to have an impossible time finding your Jedi."

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