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Arelyn crossed her arms and studied the newcomers. Alec certainly did have a way of finding people who would do what he wanted them to do. For a price, of course. So far, none of them seemed threatening, although there was something about the female twin that unnerved her a little. Probably her knowing everyone's name before they even introduced themselves. Yes, that was it.

She noticed Zip struggling to activate his repulsorlifts. Moving to the little droid's side, she deftly slipped a restraining bolt onto his front socket, eliciting an indignant tweet from Zip. "Undesignated bounty Arelyn K'zanthis, what are you doing?!"

"Making sure you don't get us off on the wrong foot with our new companions, you abrasive little hover-rat," Arelyn replied, almost sweetly. "Now pipe down or else I will deactivate your vocabulator."

For once, Zip fell silent, but Arelyn could feel the droid's photoreceptors burning a hole in her head. Smiling smugly, she shouldered a pack and began moving towards the transport vehicles.
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