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New Place to play StarWars Galactic Battlegrounds Online!!!!!!

IGZ (International Gaming Zone) now supports swgb and swgbcc on its client. IGZ has all of the features the old MSN Zone client had except better skins, better emotions, faster launching/joining, better chat control, its own anti cheat built in, friendlier and 24/7 staff, a better friend list, rating systems, clan support, Table View & List View, Multiple Chat Channels (All, Lobby, Clan, System), Multiple Lobbies and Auto-Joining, Logging in via program rather than website, Floating Game Rooms, Emotes (Customizable) and a LOT more!!!! check it out.

Go to register, download the lastest version of igz version 78 then once you have set it up log in using your registered username and changed password. Using the lobby launcher choose swgb or swgbcc and join/host a game and play!!!!

If you have any difficulties, bugs to report (igz is still in beta testing) please register and use to report a bug/crash etc.
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