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Mercenaries: Korean Assault

The large transport plane was on a northern heading towards the Korean demilitarised zone, the plane seemed completely inconspicuous without any markings to signify its owner. The plane in fact belonged to the mercenary Corporation ExOps and was carrying a group of it’s operatives into the nearby war zone. It was flying low but still high enough for a safe but quick para drop as the Plane was not going to get authorised to land in North Korea.

The Mercenaries inside of the plane sat on the seats built into the side of the fuselage, each of them had been issued the equipment for the mission. They had been given the Sat-com gear with earpiece so they could stay in contact with ExOps even in the middle of the war zone, a deck of playing cards with the faces of the 52 bounties printed on them and a PDA.

Caesar Angelo was sitting holding the deck of cards in his hand shuffling them like a seasoned gambler. This job was one of the most difficult he would be involved in as they were being sent to the most dangerous place on Earth.

“O.K Guy.” The familiar Voice of Fiona Taylor announced through the earpieces of all the Mercenaries. “You’re almost over the DMZ so get ready to jump down.”

“Well let’s get this party started.” Caesar stated with his strong Italian accent and pulling out his camera ready for the photo opportunities.
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