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Originally Posted by Jediphile
Except those maps in the games are more often than not completely inconsistent with the (nice-looking) map that you base your conclusion on. Take a look at where the planets are on the KotOR1 maps, then look at the corresponding planets on the map you linked to. Indeed, NONE of them are in the same place (except Malachor, which does not appear on your map), and actually only Dantooine and Tatooine are anywhere close to where they are on the map you link to. The maps have Kashyyyk on opposite sides of the galaxy, for example. The same is true for Telos. And Korriban is far to the right and a little above the center on your map, while it is far below the center on the map in KotOR1.
But I'm not basing anything on those planets locations. The Unknown Regions, for example, are at the same place, whatever the source you use, and yes,
that's been consistent all the way.

And I don't see what's the problem. The NEC was precisely made to retcon those locations. The map I gave you is based precisely on the NEC, and it's quite clear. K1 maps, for example, misplaced everything. And even if we considered K1 maps cannon, the issue remains that Korriban (and the other sith worlds) are on the opposite side of the galaxy.

That you then take the position of Malachor in TSL and put it straight onto your galactic map without considering the rest of the planets in the game means you're either comparing apples and oranges or that you're looking only at what supports your own theory, while ignoring anything else in the same source that speaks against it.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make it sound that way. The point is that I'm basing Malachor's location textually. K2 map was simply posted to show author's intention.

Indeed, there is probably no conflict for Malachor simply because only TSL actually puts it on a map
It was textually mentioned to be bordering the Unknown Regions as well.

Kreia is wrong because it says otherwise where?
"Coming from their homeworld at the Unknown Regions, the Rakata were the first species to produce a stable hyperdrive (...) By transporting these slave species to new worlds, the Rakata were believed to have inadvertently seeded swaths of the galaxy with sentient life in the known galaxy and the Unknown Regions"

"Just like the taboo-Mandalorian planet, Malachor V, which belongs to the Malachor system, nearby other worlds that would be instrumental to the destiny of the galaxy, like the homeworld of the Rakata, and the Chiss' ascendancy (...)".

The New essential chronology, October 2005 (post K2)

It's pretty clear that Malachor is next to the UR. Thus, it's highly unlikely that it belonged to the Old Sith empire, which explains why it wasn't cleansed by the Republic.

"After Empress Teta's victory" could be an awfully long time.
Not really, it says it happened after the pursuit. It's also placed chronologically before Nadd's uprise.

then they should have found and cleansed Malachor as well, since it - like Korriban - lies on the fringes of the empire, according to Kreia.
But it was placed on the other side of the galaxy by a most recent (canon) source...

The line "lies on the fringes of the empire" could be seen metaphorically, because even in K2 maps, the locations of Malachor and Korriban differ by a LONG shot.

Your own map doesn't exactly suggest so
What do you mean? Yavin is inmediately close to Korriban. That means Yavin IV could presumably be closer.

Well, the only other planet - Lehon/Rakata Prime in KotOR1 - does not support your thesis.

That's K1 map, and if my memory serves me well, the world on the top left corner is Lehon, which is clearly in the Unknown Regions, just like Malachor is in the Unknown Regions, and just like Korriban (in both games) is depicted on the other side of the galaxy.

That still presumes that they intended such an uber-race
It doesn't. All they said is that the True Sith don't have to be the descendants of the Old Sith empire.

This is the true one...I am telling you the truth...Do you believe me?
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