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Originally Posted by Jediphile
Having said this, you cannot now say that you're not basing your assumption on those planets locations. It is precisely what you did here.
I was basing my assumption on the location of the Unknown Regions. Clearly their position was consistent all the way long.

Which is why I question the maps as a basis. They are completely inaccurate. Yet you still pointed to the TSL map as your basis for Malachor V being in the unknown regions as stated on the greater map, whereas I look at what is established by comments in the game.
Like I said, the TSL map was posted to show author's intention. I'll now focus on posting official maps only because it seems to be causing more confusion than anything.

Obviously, because that's where the Sith Empire is. You pointed to the map as the basis for claiming the Sith Empire was nowhere near the unknown regions. Well, it isn't by the map, which is still off by 4000 years, but looking at what's established by what is said in the game, there is no basis for claiming the Sith Empire is not in the unknown regions. Quite the contrary.
The Sith empire is not in the Unknown Regions:

This is the map from the NEC. In an earlier post I quoted:

"Coming from their homeworld at the Unknown Regions, the Rakata were the first species to produce a stable hyperdrive (...) By transporting these slave species to new worlds, the Rakata were believed to have inadvertently seeded swaths of the galaxy with sentient life in the known galaxy and the Unknown Regions"

"Just like the taboo-Mandalorian planet, Malachor V, which belongs to the Malachor system, nearby other worlds that would be instrumental to the destiny of the galaxy, like the homeworld of the Rakata, and the Chiss' ascendancy (...)".

The "Unknown Regions" it's referring to is clearly the one shown in the map, which is post K2 and C-Canon. Nowhere it is mentioned that the Unknown Regions were bigger. Now, we know that Korriban and other Sith planets are indeed in the other side of the galaxy. I'll refer to an earlier, official map:

That shows Korriban, Thule and Ziost far from the canonical location of the UR, and is C-Canon as well.

since we don't know just how large the Sith Empire really was in its time
We do, actually. It was a few hundreds of planets, which clearly shows that it can't extend to the Unknown Regions. If it was more extended, the Republic would have noticed their presence.

whereas KotOR1 places at opposite sides of the galaxy
Because the location has been retconned.

Yet on the map you refer to - - Onderon is a complete non-factor against a strike from Lehon or a place close to it. It's on the wrong side of the galaxy for that. It's placed pretty well as a defensive position against the worlds of the Sith Empire, however...
Perhaps, but that's purely conjeture.

The map you seem to prefer places Yavin right on the path between the Republic and the Sith Empire. Not a clever place for Sadow to hide, given that he was hunted by both - it would completely undermine the reasons why he hid there after the Great Hyperspace War, since it would have been a fairly obvious place to look for him
I don't see how. The Sith fell into civil war and couldn't afford looking for him, whereas the Republic decided to bombard nearby Sith worlds. It's perfectly consistent, even more when you take into account the fact that he was aiming to rebuild the empire and it would have been impossible for him to do so if he fled that far.

Yavin is also placed at that part of the galaxy by the NEC map...

Not sure how the Republic missed that one...
Because they thought they would eliminate him by cleansing all nearby planets. This goes back to the fact that the Old Sith space was quite explored, and not "unknown", like the true Unknown Regions, which they know absolutely nothing about.

I'm afraid not. The planet you refer to, the red one, is Yavin. You have unfortunately chosen a KotOR1 map from a point during the game when the Star Forge system (Lehon/Rakata Prime) has not yet been found. On that map Lehon is just to the left and below the galactic center, almost exactly half-way between Kashyyyk and Korriban.
Yeah, my mistake. Point given.
However, the NEC graphycally shows the position of the Unknown Regions, and then explicitely mentions Lehon being included into them, is C-Canon and was published after K2. I'm not sure how we can escape that.

This is the true one...I am telling you the truth...Do you believe me?
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