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Nancy would usually have a jumpmaster for this, it was always done out of hand during and after her time in the NSA and was a requirement in the military. This time however she would have dismissed one if ExOps had sent one on the plane. She glanced at the cabin, knowing it would be no better flying herself given what anti air the North Koreans would have.
"Sergeant Allen, this is Fiona from ExOps." Nancy put a hand to her ear so she could heard the Australian over the roar of the plane.
"I'm here." She turned back to her viewscreen.
"How's your son?" Fiona asked, trying to strike up a conversation. The former Ranger didn't answer for a moment, paranoia setting in on who might be listening.
"He's being looked after," was all she was willing to offer.
"What about that girl you're training?" Nancy allowed a smile, guessing she would want to ask about a mate.
"In trouble with the law, again." She looked around a bit, as though trying to find who might be listening. "Did exactly what I would have done but no matter how strongly you feel you cannot hold a gun on someone." The plane was empty however, no one coming with her. That suited Nancy, no one would have to pay if something went wrong.
"Listen, were close, you might want to get your gear together for the drop." Nancy stood up to her full 195cm height and glared around the cargo hold. Her equipment was already stored in a metal case that will go out with her, but she went to see what ExOps provided her with anyway. "Have you checked out your PDA yet?" Fiona asked.
"Looking at the cards now." Nancy resumed looking through the information on each member on the deck of fifty two. "Hope the intel is good on this thing, you won't be getting much out or corpses."
"Remember, you get double the bounty if they are brought in alive." Like that made a difference to Nancy.
"Money doesn't help me sleep at night."
"Then think of your son," Fiona suggested. Nancy slid the PDA into her vest and went in search of a weapon.
"CIA probably is already." She pulled out the Carbine assault rifle from the rack.
"I know it's not state of the art," Fiona told her. The gun looked like a kid's toy, despite knowing how useful it was from Afghanistan and Iraq.
"Would prefer one of your Styer AUGs," Nancy replied, preferring the bullpup rifle used by the Australian armed forces, especially fitted with a silencer and scope, "but this'll do the job fine." Close by were grenades, which Nancy began to clip to her assault pack.
"Standered issue frag grenades." The metal spheres were small and deadly, making the Canadian slightly uncomfortable carting them around.
"These will definitely be useful," she replied. As soon as she was done the pilot came over the radio.
"This is Blackbird, DMZ is in visual range." As opposed to the other mercenaries in the area Nancy had instead chosen to go with a HALO jump rather than bailing out in an armoured jeep. It might be less glamorous but unquestionably safer in her mind.
"You heard the man, time to get going." Nancy went over to the lever that dropped the rear platform and easily muscled it down, keeping her footing at the sudden wind blast and loss in pressure. "You ready Nancy?" Fiona asked. Nancy spent a moment looking out into the darkness.
"One way to find out." She kicked the crate out and over the edge.
"They say the DMZ's the most dangerous place on Earth." Nancy took that into consideration but chose instead to hide any fears she had behind a bit of bravado.
"Don't get syrupy on me. I've dealt with the media after Abu Ghraib, this will be easy." Fiona wasn't quite sure how to respond to that, so brought up the bounty for Song.
"Still, a hundred million dollars. You think you can spend that much money in a lifetime?" It was a lot of money, to be sure, and a question Nancy couldn't answer.
"Ask George Lucas." With that she took a running jump and flew out the back, wind billowing about her as she began to descend to the ground.
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