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"We had very polite conversation about winter sports equipment, tauntauns, and swoop racing along the way," Jyot said matter-of-factly to Latch as he shouldered the pack Latch had brought for him. "And," he lowered his voice to an almost a whisper, "I didn't ogle her once."

Latch looked at him with disbelief.

"Honest!" Jyot said, moving his fingers in the pattern of a Corellian promissory gesture. "Not once. Glanced, yes. Ogled, no." He looked over his shoulders to see if Aerlyn or Ali were within earshot. They weren't. "But, by the stars, she's a pretty one," he confessed. "And she likes engines. Just wait until you see her ride a snow tracker. She beat me by 10 seconds and I had a head start."

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