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"If I didn't know you any better, I'd think you were in love," Latch remarked jovially to Jyot. "Too bad I do know you better. She isn't the first girl you've been all a-twitter over and she won't be the last." He cast a glance over at Ali and Arelyn. "Just hope that our two resident ladies don't hear you."

As they moved towards the doors, Latch caught sight of the twin newcomers, paying notable attention to the female who had recited all of their names. She was pretty, if a bit mysterious. Latch nudged Jyot gently in the ribs. The amorous engineer had probably seen her before he had, but Latch couldn't resist refocusing Jyot's attention on Raelyn after he'd been swooning over Ellie. "Hellooooo nurse," he told his friend. "You sure picked an awful time to make a bet like that, Span. This must be where they keep supermodels in cryostasis."
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