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R.I.P. Bioware (1995-2007)

Originally Posted by Pavlos
The death knell for BioWare, or a sign that EA might actually have someone smart at the top? I'm not sure how the actual BioWare employees themselves will feel about this...
Well, that's the end of that I suppose. At least we got a handful of kickass games over a decade's time, but I suppose all good things must come to an end. I guess I can remove Dragon Age from the list of games to look forward to.

Originally Posted by Pavlos
Ever the optimist: It shouldn't make too much difference: BioWare will have a... huge budget for their games now, they just have to put up with a slave driver.
EA has a reputation of being one of the most "suit-controlled" game developers who treat their employees quite unfavorably. Not exactly the most optimal environment for innovative, mold-breaking game development or the making of games with remarkable polish and depth. I'd love to be wrong, but I have a really bad feeling about this.

Bioware's status as an independent, privately owned game developer with good finances gave them a unique position to create great games, more free from the limitations and constraints imposed by beancounters than most others had the fortune of being. To see them stuck under the heels of one of the reputedly worst beancounter overlords in the gaming industry does not bode well at all.

(I'd guess that also means we can definitely rule out any more KOTOR games ever being made by Bioware.)


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