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Originally Posted by stoffe
EA has a reputation of being one of the most "suit-controlled" game developers who treat their employees quite unfavorably. Not exactly the most optimal environment for innovative, mold-breaking game development. I'd love to be wrong, but I have a really bad feeling about that.
Oh yeah... I remember what happened to the Command and Conquer games after they fully absorbed Westwood studios but let's be optimistic about this: at least we still have Obsidian, who seem, at last, in MotB, to have found the sacred ground that they lost after the collapse of Black Isle. And hopefully BioWare will maintain the ability to make its own creative decisions and won't be driven to the brink of destruction. Make no mistake... my initial reaction was something like this but I think we have to have that pigheaded reluctance to look facts in the face to see us through.

Who knows: if it damages the creativity of BioWare, I'd imagine a lot of the employees would want to leave... people don't get into that industry for the money, from what I can tell, they do it for the love of creating something. -- News and features will be returning shortly...

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