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Please tell me this is a joke. This has to be a joke. It's April 1st, right?

Well... there goes that. This is a dark day for gamers everywhere.

I wonder if EA knows how big of a joke they are. I wonder if they realize that the only reason they make money is by getting rid of the competition through business means rather than by creating a quality product . I wonder if EA actually thinks their games are good or if they don't care...

Originally Posted by Pavlos
Who knows: if it damages the creativity of BioWare, I'd imagine a lot of the employees would want to leave... people don't get into that industry for the money, from what I can tell, they do it for the love of creating something.
Yea, the employees that do the grind work care about games, but the decision makers... not so much. At least, it varies from company to company.

Actually, you bring up a good point about Obsidian. Giving the relationship Bioware and Obsidian have, wouldn't it be great if all the Bioware employees deserted for Obsidian? Wouldn't that be ironic? EA tries to get a great company only to loose what makes it great. EA would just be paying for the name. Sadly, too many people would still buy the games because they wouldn't know better.

EA -1
Gamers- 0

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