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Originally Posted by Bob Lion54
EA -1
Gamers- 0
I'd say it's more like...
EA - ∞
Gamers - 0

Yea, this is some pretty bad news, EA has pretty much the opposite effect of King Midas... everything EA touches turns into... junk. I guess there is a sliver of hope though, if I recall correctly wasn't Steam/Valve absorbed by EA? And The Orange Box turned out to be a pretty good product.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
At least it wasn't Obsidian? Oh dear, it looks like they're now our only hope for good RPGs.
Maybe for western RPGs, but SquareEnix and other Japanese developers continue to churn out some pretty impressive RPGs. In any event hopefully this wont turn into a tragedy, but as others have already expressed I have a bad feeling about this.

Edit: Also, with the acquisition of BioWare, Pandemic Studios went with it, Pandemic being known probably most for the Star Wars Battlefront series as well as the Mercenaries series, so it's not good for those two franchises either...

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