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Originally Posted by John Galt
What I'm getting at is that stockpiling small arms and destroying them once they become outdated a few years later is a gross waste of public funds, whereas if the military produced according to its peacetime needs, with a nice reserve of weapons, and sold off old, outdated, or worn out rifles and other equipment, the military would use far less taxpayer money than if it held enough in stockpile to fight a full scale war, just to melt most of it down a few years later.
I guess I'm not seeing how this is any different that what I am suggesting, with the exception that I'm okay with weapons production being done someplace else if it's cost-effective to do so and you're not. And that's ok too.

Originally Posted by mimartin
Iím all for privatizing (if it cuts cost and increases quality), but I want them produced in the USA.
Again, I'm not so picky. If South Korea (as an example) can produce the weapons at the same quality with lower cost, I rather save the taxpayers some money and purchase goods that stimulate their economy rather than keep on giving them economic aid as a hand-out. But that's just me.

Originally Posted by mimartin
I can not believe you used that language in my presence. That is concerned an obscene word in my household. $45.00 for a six-pack of Cokes!!!!!
Hey, you're the one that wants it done here in the good ole US of A. Careful what you wish for
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