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A request

Can someone make a mod that puts in a new Jedi... He will be lightside and darkside. The secret apprentice. For lightside he is wearing Anakin's tunic but all black and has much browner hair and has a green lightsaber. For Darkside he is wearing count dookus's outfit but with and Anakins face but with black hair and scars on his face. He has a red lightsaber. The character's fighting style is Mace Windus so when he jumps and then comes back down to attack it does that thing. If it is possibel to have 3 force power then the Lightside version will have force lighting, force throw, and force push. The darkside will have force throw, force lighting, and force choke. If they can only have 2 the lightside version will have force push and force throw and the darkside version will have force lighting and force throw.

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