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(OCC- OK Guys I’m going to do another skip forward so we meet Kadis a bit quicker and get more into the main part of the story.))

The group had set off on their journey on an eastern direction towards where Raelyn had told them the Jedi would be. Alec and the guide were walking out in front of the group who were driving on the four tracked transports. Although Raelyn was leading the way Alec walked by her side in case he had to use his tracking skills in order to find the Jedi in case they moved on from where Raelyn claimed she was.

Alec had given Zip to Jyot to carry and told him to make sure the little droid kept a constant scan of the area to make sure they didn’t miss anything. Unfortunately the interference that prevented the repulsorlift also disrupted the sensors making them pretty inefficient.

They had only gotten a few clicks out from the settlement and it was beginning to go out of their line of sight. Looking forward all that could be seen was more snow covered wastes and a small mountain range in the distance.

As Alec looked out suddenly for the briefest of moments he saw what appeared to be a sentient in a robe. Alec turned his head to focus on it but suddenly it was gone as if it was never there in the first place.

“Did you…” Alec began to ask as he continued looking, he noticed what appeared to be a slight mound in the snow but something was sticking out of it, a hand.

Alec began to run over to the mound and knelt down next to it and began to dig through the snow with his hands. As he dug he slowly realised someone was buried under the snow and they hadn’t been there too long. “Hey Stitch get over here!”
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