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This time, the name was Lewis Michaels. The target was a bank, of all places. He walked in, presenting the front that he was overwhelmingly rich and was looking to transfer all of his accounts into one. The bank erupted in a flurry of action when they learned there was the potential for half a trillion to be deposited in an account in their bank.

They were extremely hospitable, even giving him a tour of the large building in which their work was done. Sometime during the tour, he excused himself to go to the restroom. It was all so very fun, but work had to be done.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kathryn 'Maria Carter' Davis was giving the shuttle a once-over. Jon had told her of his encounter with the bounty hunter and she had to be sure they were tracker free... never underestimate bounty hunters...

"Or the Organization," she said aloud to herself, a look of horror crossing her face. "Oh, God what have I done?" She swept her fingers through a tangled mess of wires beneath the piloting console and a tiny piece of machinery snapped off.

"Regrowth tracker?" she whispered. "No..."

A regrowth tracker used tiny bits of energy taken from whatever it was connected to to recreate itself if it was ever broken off. Damn thing couldn't be removed unless you had its deactivation code... and even for a good hacker like Kate Davis, that was damn near impossible.

"They know where we are," she decided aloud. She had to get to Jon... right the hell now!

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