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Stitch grimaced. "Captain, that's not possible..."

"It just might be," Colin countered, dropping to his knees. "Ray... Stitch, help me out here. If we have any extras, find some more cold weather gear in the baggage we've brought along."

"Didn't catch your name, but my question's the same," Stitch said. "Are you out of your mind? He's got barely a chance out here. He may die on the way back to the..."

"My name is Colin Lark," the young doctor snapped, "and I don't give a damn that you've never heard of me. I'm a doctor and you're going to do what I say."

He switched on the portable heater. "Listen to me," he told the man in the snow gently. "I want you to do what you can to focus your mind. Panic isn't going to help you now. I think maybe I can..."

The heater was set to its absolute lowest setting. It would do more harm than good to warm the man up too quickly. As Colin worked, Raelyn knelt next to the man's head.

"Can you hear me?" she asked softly. "My name's Raelyn. I'm Colin's sister. Don't worry. You'll be okay."

Stitcher returned with some extra cold weather gear and Colin instructed him to put it on over the gear the man was already wearing.

"Can you speak?" Raelyn asked him softly. "What's your name?"

As his sister continued to try and get answers from the man, Colin continued his work. Slowly but surely, the man seemed to be recovering. Gradually, Colin increased the heat on the portable heater. It took some time, but finally, he stood back. Just as he did so, the heater sputtered and died.

"He'll live," Colin said finally. "Close up the new cold weather gear. He's got enough body heat of his own now. It'll function as it should."

He helped the man sit up. "You'll be fine now," he determined. "I realize you still don't feel warm... but you will. Exercise will help. We're only a few clicks away from the village. My suggestion to you is..." Raelyn whispered in her brother's ear. The brother and sister had a momentary, intense, whispered conversation.

"I suppose now that you're able, we should let you decide what you want to do," Colin said finally. "Furthermore, you ought to decide what it is you wish to do at this point..."

"My long-winded brother will now shut up and give you a chance to say something," Raelyn cut in, grinning at the man, who by now was able to stand.

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