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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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A few photographs but in the right front of eyes and Jennifer soon had a location on the man called Lewis Michaels A.K.A Jon Martin. She wasn’t going to play it subtly this time, she didn’t care if it was bank where the man had entered. She was going to go into that building and drag the man out at gunpoint and if he resisted, that just meant she’d have to kick some ass.

se walked into the bank with her pistol and knife holstered to her thighs, and holding a semi automatic rifle in her hands. The alarms went off as she passed the mag-scanners detecting her weapons, but just ignored them. Security she stared as she strolled pass as if she was walking through a park on a sunny afternoon.

She kicked the door to the gents toilets and ordered a couple of bystanders out of the room as she walked over to a cubicle and ripped the door off it’s hinges.

“Hi Jerry.” She said with a smile. “The number you gave me didn’t work so I thought I’d get the right one… Let’s start with your name.” She held her semi-automatic gun up and pointed it at the thief. “I wouldn’t Lie this time.”
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