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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Don't know that it's necessary for the government to take over production (isn't it too damn big already?), but rather important to make sure that there are domestic firms that can produce good (or, better yet, excellent) weapons (from pistols to planes), rather than risk depending upon foreign firms to produce military hardware. Nations don't have permanent friends, just interests.
The government wouldn't be "taking over" production. It traditionally has controlled the production of small arms, right up until the M16A1 was adopted in 1968 and the Springfield Armory(which was created during the revolution) was closed down. Since then the quality of American small arms has suffered, due in part to the "excellent" weapons produced by Colt, a domestic producer.

And I didn't suggest that we ought to rely on foreign production by any means, just that if bad comes to worse, foreign firms like BSA, FN, and H&K could be contracted to produce supplemental weaponry should the need arise.

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