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James looked behind him, and saw that the car was still following him, so he decided to try and lose him in the Residential Canyons on the outskirts of the city. Because Alpha Centauri IV's atmosphere was already safe for humans, little terraforming was required, giving the planet a unique appearance among the worlds of the Terran Union. One such unique feature was deep, lush canyons, filled with large caves along the sides. Outside the cities, the rich made their extravagant homes here, while inside the cities, however, these were the slums, where the poor would live, as there was no place on the surface where they could. "Hold on to something, this is going to get a bit rough." James said to Yery, slamming his foot on the "gas", and hoping the driver of the car following him would not be able to activate his anti-gravity boosters in time.

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