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Is the Consortium too powerful?

*Slowly looks around, left and right* "Geez it's quiet in here."

Anyways, I've been playing all the Skirmish maps on the expansion and as I played as the Empire against the Consortium I noticed that they have really powerful units and they're a really difficult faction to beat. The Empire is supposed to be able to use sheer numbers and fire power to defeat it's enemies but I found the Consortium was definitely able to stand up to 6 AT-AT's lumbering towards their base (with all the stormtroopers in tow). The Canderous Assault Tanks, MZ-8 Pulse Cannon, Grenadiers, Destroyer Droids, and Missile Attack Launcher were all very powerful and a huge nuisance. I suppose that the premise behind the Consortium's firepower is that it's all black market technology and that's why it's so powerful, but still, the Empire is supposed to be able to level everything in it's way. I felt that the AT-ATs were not heavily armored enough and I understand the reasoning behind it, but I still kind of wanted a somewhat unstoppable army.

Did anyone else think the Consortium was a little too powerful?
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