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GeneralPloKoon: What about EAW 2???? Clone wars wouldn't make sense for the EAW series, more like "Republic at War"

That would be awesome if they came out with "Republic at War". This is weird, but I get a tingling sensation in my head when I think about creating a blockade around a planet with a bunch of Trade Federation Battleships The idea of Separatists VS The Republic opens up a whole world of new possibilities too because essentially the Confederacy is a bunch of systems wanting to secede and they're being supported by corporations with private armies. Taxation could play a part in generating revenue and perhaps the Confederacy has to convince other corporations to join the cause before the player acquires new units. It'd be awesome if the first mission in campaign mode would be to blockade Naboo with just Trade Federation forces (no Banking Clan or Commerce Guild units) and begin the whole conflict.

One unit I would really be looking forward to command would be Jedi Starfighters. I also really have this attachment to the N-1 Starfighters used by the Naboo. Controlling allied units in space combat could be a new feature in the game that could include the N-1. Just like in land combat, where indigenous species will help your faction depending on their loyalties (Ewoks helping Rebels, Caridans helping Empire), a planet's space forces could help out your faction's fleet. If the Republic invades Naboo space in order to wipe out a Confederacy blockade, it'd be awesome if Naboo starfighters could be sent to help from land-based hangars.

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