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Caesar landed first softly on the ground, he was an experienced paratrooper so knew exactly when was the right time to deploy the chute for the quickest but still safe landing. The Chute itself was a standard military issue and completely black with no marking to show the group its wearer was affiliated with.

The drop point was just south of the Allied Nations base in the demiliterzed zone, Caesar managed to land on target and watched the others fall behind him. It wasn’t long before the sound of engines could be heard in the distance, Caesar took out his camera and used the zoom function to get a closer look at the oncoming vehicles.

Through the lens he saw that the oncoming cars were armed with large machine guns on top and the occupants were North Korean Troops. The gunnesr could be seen firing the large weapons and the gun flared as bullets began to fly towards Caesar’s location. A bullet whizzed past his ear so he quickly took a picture and drew his pistol shooting in the direction of the Korean vehicle.

“Incoming!” Caesar shouted to the rest of the mercenaries. “Take Cover!”
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