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Indeed ... it's pretty much deserted at the moment .
But perhaps I can offer some small comfort :
I agree with you. Consortium units seem a trifle too individually powerful for the scum of the universe that they are. There faction design is therefore a bit puzzling. I, too, had envisioned something along the lines of many cheap and expendable units ... but instead the Consortium excels in many areas with top-notch units that are arguably the best of all three factions. You just have to consider infantry - where their grenadiers easily vaporize almost the entire competition.
I agreeem that in skirmish matches, the Consortium seems to have the least problems to defeat the enemy (although I have played no multiplayer match yet). It's not quite as glaring as it might appear at the first glance, though.
You seem to be a proud fellow member of the imperial army - so here are a few tips which might help you in bringing peace and order to the galaxy:

I used to have a lot of problems against those pesky missile tanks - they are almost ridiculously effective - even without their slowing ability. But a mobile build pad with a missile disturbance system (I forgot the proper name) in combination with other units works marvelously to secure some key places against these infuriating things.

Against canderous tanks you might want to try phase 3 dark troopers. In stationary mode their missiles tend to shred those monsters wonderfully. AT-AT's are certainly pretty good, too ... but you really need some powerful cover with a less limited field of fire ... and that's what the latest model of dark troopers does perfectly.

In my experience these two unit types - canderous and missile tanks ... usually were the greatest menace. Pulse tanks can be dangerous, but are easily outmaneuvered with swifter units like at-st's. A more serious problem are the incredibly powerful consortium heroes - but that's what tie maulers were made for I hope that was helpful ...

Glory to the Empire!
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