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"Jedi, Jedi, Jedi - I swear, you're obsessed, the lot of you!" she muttered under her breath, "You know, we kinda have to know where the Jedi is before we can even begin thinking about how to fight him." she paused a moment, a slightly quizzical look on her face. Could Jedi be female? "Or her. It. Whatever."

Ellie gently twisted the throttle of her snow crawler, standing up over the seat as she followed the captain and the icicle-man run over to a dark shape just a few yards off from their current position. She was the only one on it at the moment - her partner had abandoned her, and she saw no reason why those on foot already could just walk the few yards.

Her brows furrowed slightly at the site of the ship, her green, cat-like eyes surveying it quickly with a spike of curiosity. Even living on the capital of the entire Galaxy, she had never seen one of these LAAT dropships in person.

"They look like they were flash-frozen." she muttered, the corner of her lip turning down slightly.

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