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Four snow trackers--two driven by Jyot and Ali, with Headshot towing an extra behind his own--pulled up near the crashed Clone Wars ship. Jyot guided his tracker over near Ellie's, while Ali pulled hers up between them, and Headshot stayed out on their flank. Engines at an idle, Jyot raised himself up in his seat to take a better look.

"Why are we stopping?" Jyot asked. "It's just some old Clone War wreck."

"Is it?" Ali asked him, her eyes narrowing. "Looks like there are bodies still inside."

"Yeah, well, it's not like anything organic would rot on an iceburg, now would it?" Jyot retorted. "I'm just saying that it's not really what we're looking fo...."

He frowned suddenly as he noticed Latch, standing by the ship's frosty hull, his face set in an oddly grim expression. Automatically, Jyot's hand reached for his blaster and his eyes scanned the area around them. "Hey, what is it, Latch? Something wrong?"

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