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Could we fien death, navigate starships, or throw off energy waves? Seriously those are real Force powers, just check out the typo-ridden Tales of the Jedi Companion.
Most of the powers I suggested in my earlier post are ones I would like the bad guys ONLY to have acssess to, personally, I hate that the villians are such lame Force-weilders in comparison with even your party members or the very Jedi masters said villians kill. Also, I don't want flow walking or telekenetic lightsaber combat or Cade Skywalker's revitalize power. (but wait, don't we already have that?) In any event, I would actually like KotOR 3s main character to be weaker than Exile, which would make the game allot more fun in my opinion, since it would be more challenging. What would REALY be amussing would be real time combat and jumping, but that's only wishfull thinking...
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