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In his small set of quarters, Max looked at the two fully assembled rifles on his bed. This was going to be an aerial insertion, and Max knew that weight was going to be a critical factor. At the same time, if he landed in a hot zone, he knew that his bolt-action TPG rifle was going to hinder him greatly which meant that the AK-47 would be a much better choice. Then again, the Kalashnikov rifle wasn't exactly a very accurate rifle, neither, and if they landed quietly, the AK was going to be a severe hindrance once he needed to put rounds at any distance greater than 500 meters.

Well, I guess I'll take the risk. If the zone is hot, it'll just have to cool down eventually, Max thought to himself as he walked over to his bed. Picking up the TPG-1 rifle, Max attached the shoulder strap to the rifle and prepared it for the drop.

Sitting at the far end of the cargo hold, Max watched calmly as he studied the other mercenaries on the drop. Most of the mercenaries were like him: older and experienced. For Max, that was a good thing. The last thing he wanted was some green gung-ho recruit to muck things up by trying to be a hero. For Max, there was no such thing as a hero; instead, there were only dead men and those left alive.

Taking glances at the weaponry, Max shook his head a bit. Sure, these people were experienced, but none of them had a surgically precise rifle like his German-made TPG-1. That meant that if these people needed a long range scout, they were likely to look in his direction. Unfortunately, it also meant that he was going to be working at long ranges without a spotter. That was going to make things a bit more difficult, but he had done it several times before.

If anybody had looked over at him, they would've noticed that he wasn't wearing his ghillie suit. With all of the loose strands and frayed edges, a ghillie suit was not the ideal attire for an aerial drop. It could be done, but the suit would've likely been missing the frays that were essential for the camouflage to work. Instead, the ghillie suit was neatly packed away in a pack in front of him. Also in the pack was several emergency supplies and extra ammunition for the TPG as well as the .40 caliber pistol that was strapped to his waist.

Finally, the call for the drop went out, and the mercenaries lined up for the drop. Grabbing hold of the handle above him, Max waited as the other mercenaries dropped out of the back of the plane. Finally, Max was the only one left, and he took a deep breath. Always did hate these jumps, Max thought to himself. With a couple of quick strides, Max leapt off the edge of the ramp.

Stretching himself out vertically, Max quickly gained speed as he dove towards the ground. Watching his altimeter, Max then flared horizontally to slow down. Finally reaching his desired altitude, Max pulled the rip cord. After about a second, Max was oriented forwards as the chute rapidly slowed him down. Checking his location, Max noticed that he was slightly off target.

Grabbing the control handles, Max did his best to control his decent, and he made a soft landing right inside the predetermined point. Moving quickly, Max reached behind him and grabbed the rigging lines for his chute. Working quickly, Max pulled his chute to the ground so that it wouldn't catch the wind and fly upwards to give away their position.

Then, Max heard the call from Caesar to take cover. Hearing gun fire, Max quickly removed the pack and the safety gear for the parachute. Getting behind a nearby tree, Max pulled his main pack along with him. Reaching behind him, Max unshouldered his rifle and brought it to bear towards the direction of the gunfire as he switched off the safety.

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