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Malpenulte, to the Exile's great relief, was not as dread-inducing nor sickeningly light as she believed that Cocyta would be. However, this penultimate planet before Bastila Shan's personal world proved to have its own shadows, its own dark horrors.

As soon as she landed and exited her tiny and rather cramped courier's vessel, she saw line after unending line of people waiting to enter some flawless steel-walled buildings. A tremor ran through her, and through the Force. For what, or whom, were they waiting? Would Bastila arrive, or were these throngs still considered unworthy to meet her? Tysyacha closed her eyes and felt a message that almost made her choke.

Return to the Light. This, Exile, is the place where tainted ones go to be cleansed. They wait to purify themselves through pain, the type and duration dependent on what kind of wrongs they have chiefly done. The lustful humbly submit themselves to isolation; the greedy and gluttonous to deprivation of food and drink; the lazy to lack of sleep; and the betrayers to the punishment of being forced into submission per extensive teaching on loyalty and hard labor, with no hope of release until they are cured. It is this line, the line of traitors, that you must enter if you'll be saved.

The Force inexorably drew Tysyacha to the end of the queue, and it held her there, gently and yet fast. The Exile prayed her crew would find her before her turn came.
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