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Originally Posted by Miltiades
Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
I'd prefer it to take place immediately to several years after TSL. As long as it's short enough we can still see the surviving cast from both games.
Yeah, exactly. No more than a couple of years after TSL at the most. I'd like to see the cast of K1 and K2 back in K3.

The Old Sith Wars with Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma has already been told. Consult the various Tales of the Jedi comic books for that.

As for the Mandalorian Wars, it is currently being told in the KotOR comic book. Go read that to catch up.

Neither of these are well suited for a CRPG, since the events of these wars as well as the major characters are already well established. I could imagine strategy games or so based on it, yes, but a CRPG, no.

Besides, there is a big, open cliffhanger that TSL left hanging. You'd think they might actually finish the current plot before they begin the next one... With all the references to the true Sith and "the great war that comes", the end of TSL is begging for some closure.

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