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I would like it in galactic conquest, first, obviously, to be more playable maps. next i want to be able to customize my fleet. or something like an acclumator is the default ship in the fleet, carrying a load of say, 150 troops. then i can buy venators, with say 200-250 troops each, along with any number of support crafts, (requires a fleet to create). next in space battles if a ship is destroyed then what ever troops it was carrying are lost from being used in land battle. this way i can gather a large fleet with like a million troops on it.
for land troops, bunkers and so one can be built to increase the number of troops on that planet. also larger auto turrets that can be built. invading armies start off with their ships at high altitude over the surface and squads of gunships are sent down to secure a landing zone for quicker reinforcements.
back to the ships, the ships should be more like they were in the movies or whatever. ie Star destroyers' hangars are at the bottom of the ship, instead of the side.
each faction should have its own uniqueness that gives it an advantage and disadvantage over other factions. like droids can sprint longer but arent given that extra will to fight when it looks like all odds are against them. or maybe clone troopers have better accuracy but have less armor. then, since the republic has jedi academies all over the place, jedi knights would be playable like a unique unit like a droideka.
there should also be maps that require gunships or other transports get across due to dangerous terrain.
and last but not least, AIs that don't know your exact location when your sniping from the other side of the map. or at least not so precisely
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