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Originally Posted by Lance Monance
That's true. And quite frankly, it seems a little hard to continue the story without having to rely on lame/cliché elements. One more reason why Obsidian should be the only company to develop K3, since they are probably the only ones who can really add a unique sequel to TSL storywise.
I completely agree that K3 should be be able to stand alone as a game and be as rich as the previous two, but these lame cliché elements are (to a degree) part of star wars, recurring motifs and what not, and its fandom (star wars) is far bigger than the rpg community, so don't be surprised if it has a cloak and dagger villain and a neophyte hero fighting to save/destroy the Galaxy... It comes with the name tag.

It should be set immediately after TSL, so the unsatisfactory ending can be tied up, then maybe jump a few months to a year later...

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