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{CHAOS} Recruiting

Tired...working hard and not see your talent recognised, always being ignored and kicked? Felling so mad, but powerless and useless? THERE IS STILL HOPE AND THAT HOPE IS CALLED {CHAOS}!!

Join our clan and and you will see that your skills will start being recognised! Spread our glory as well as your own, together we shall obliterate our enemies, we shall fight no matter what rain, mud, outgunned anytime anywhere and most important, we shall always fight with honour!!! The skies shall rain blood, but that won't stop us, we will fight to death!!

The omens will always be good, the gods will always smile kindly upon us!! Gun steel THAT'S the answer, gun steel in a {CHAOS} fist!! So join us, it's better to fight for something than live for nothing. Join {CHAOS} at and ask in the guestbook there or simply add lordzendor to the xfire and I will tell u anything u need to know {CHAOS} recruits no matter skill or age!!

Once you will be in CHAOS we will introduce you to our tactics, skills, operations, rules of engagement and more! Ever saw a trick on the public servers? then this is the place to learn them fast! We got ranks, squads, commands, medals, trainings, wars, allies, history. Once we were a mighty clan, but our power has fainted when Toxic clan came, we can still see the bodies which were to our knees deep. But new times came, now with the blessing we got, more and more recruits are joining CHAOS to restore it's former glory as THE GREATEST CLAN EVER LIVED TO SEE THE DAY OF TOMORROW!!! We were hunted, killed and beaten, but we still managed to stay toghether in toguh times. Many left the clan, but that was a good thing, because it left only the most loyal members and let's not forget that once u come into the clan, it marks us all 'till our death!!!

May your bullets always hit true


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