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A new shuttle was easy for Kate Davis to acquire and in less than ten minutes, she had left Terra. She intended to drop into hiding, a feat which the Organization made harder with every passing day. But such was the life of one who'd been higher up in their chain of command and had given up that position for reasons that involved words the Organization cared little for. Words like, morality and conscience.

New Chicago was her destination; though the Organization knew she'd just come from there, they probably would expect her to remain on Terra... especially after discovering their tricky tracker. And they'd definitely not expect her to return to Alpha Centauri IV.

But as her trainer once told her, "The signal goes somewhere... and the Organization goes everywhere." Sooner or later, her trail would be uncovered.

And then, Kathryn Davis would have no safe place in the entire universe. Oh, if only she still had Jon...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back on Terra, Jon was wishing he still had 'Maria Carter'. He'd seen her in the elevator, but had done his best to pretend he didn't know her... and his best was pretty damn good.


But Jennifer Cleo's best had proved to be better than Jon Martin's and so he found himself shoved roughly into Jennifer's car.

"So seeing as you've caught me and you know exactly who I am," he said as the bounty hunter slid into the driver's seat, "would you care to tell me who hired you? And if you know, what do they want with me?"

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