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Tech News and Gossip thread...

Instead of creating new threads every time AMD/ATi, nVidia or Intel try to blow us away with the latest technology, I thought we might as well keep it all in the same thread to keep it nice and tidy since most of these topics are related in some way or another...
My main sources are The Inquirer and CustomPC, but I don't check them all the time or feel like sharing info all the time (because it's not always worthy of its own thread lolz), but this thread might be a good way to keep each other up to date I believe.

I'll go first

AMD loses $396 mill
^ Funniest part is this:
"Rival Intel made $1.86 billion in a simlar period, but still decided to cut costs by axing 2,000 staffers."
I am never buying another Intel product, no matter how much better their benchmarks might be...

But AMD isn't quite bankrupt yet...
^ A longer read, but interesting nonetheless, with a bit more info on the 45nm cores coming's hoping they pull it off.

What's in a name for a GPU?
^ Ati's RV670 name game speculation (HD3700/3800???)

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