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Guild Wars: Jumping is way overrated

So yeah, I know that more than a few of us play GW nowadays, thus I say 'Let there be a GW thread!'
Note: This is not to turn into a 'lol WoW/insert other MMO here is better' pissing contest, so don't even try to bring it here, plzkthnxbai.

I've been playing since release in 2005, have all three campaigns plus Eye of the North and play all primary classes except for Mesmers. I'm really heavy into PvE, not so much PvP, cuz I like getting stomped on by level 33 monsters in Hard Mode more than getting stomped on by gosu Korean contract killers in PvP. I'm in an awesome PvE-oriented guild (with Jae!) and we have fun hanging around the guild hall and discussing the latest armor fashions (Norn armor is bringing fur back in style, oyea).

My favorite characters are my Ranger and my Monk. I run a Splinter/Barrage build on my Ranger with Pain Inverter for bosses/eles and it makes things go boom. I run a straight Word of Healing build on my Monk, cuz teammates dying is bad, and I'm really loving Seed of Life and Holy Haste.

So yeah, now that I've babbled on semi-coherently about this, lemme know what you all think! What're your favorite builds? Which campaign do you like the best? Where do you like to farm for phat loot? Do Jora's 'large tracts of land' make you all hot and bothered? Tell me!
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