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Originally Posted by Jason Skywalker
Would you reccomend me GW and give me reasons please? I'm tempted to buy the game and some expansions for Xmas.
Positive (Imo) put it bluntly:
Paying a monthly fee gives puts you under pressure. You don't have to pay for Guild Wars, so you can quit for a half year if you please, and pick it up later.
Also, the style is...more realistic. Maybe a bit of Lotr-like with it's Lore and stuff. Also, team-play is not nessecary if you don't want it. It is possible, and you possibly have to team up to face the greatest challenges. But it's not like WoW where 'social pressure' is applied because you can't go anywhere without a guild.
The story is brilliant...


The game isn't free-roaming like WoW. You won't encounter players outside the main cities. Every outpost is like a standard MMO. But outside, the game loads the map from your hard disk. Unless you party up with people in the towns, you will be alone.
Not as..."big" as WoW. Every weapon can have 3 upgrades: One comes with the weapon (Plus X% when...Y (condition) ) and 2 material upgrades like a Sword Hilt and Pommel.

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