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Originally Posted by Ztalker
The game isn't free-roaming like WoW. You won't encounter players outside the main cities. Every outpost is like a standard MMO. But outside, the game loads the map from your hard disk. Unless you party up with people in the towns, you will be alone.
Not as..."big" as WoW. Every weapon can have 3 upgrades: One comes with the weapon (Plus X% when...Y (condition) ) and 2 material upgrades like a Sword Hilt and Pommel.
You forgot no jumping. Jumping is an integral part of any MMO and this lack of feature cannot be forgiven.

BTW I actually own Guild Wars, I got it in late 2005 IIRC but I could never get in to it. My friends have tried to get me back in to it but (lack of jumping aside) it just couldn't spark my interest.

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